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All complete interior paint jobs include:

  • Removal of switch plates & window coverings.

  • All flooring & any surfaces not to be painted will be masked & covered.

  • Repair of holes & cracks in walls.

  • All walls & ceilings receive either flat or lo-sheen enamel.

  • All trim is sanded, prepped and painted.

  • Best of the Best ~ We only use the best grades of materials from our manufacturers.

  • We do full home renovations too! Be sure to ask about all our other services. ​


Interior Options:

  • Multiple wall & ceiling colors

  • Cabinet painting, staining or refinishing

  • New doors & baseboards


All complete exterior paint jobs include:

  • Power washing - the first step to every paint job. This is to remove any loose dirt, peeling paint, mold, &

       anything else that may affect the adhesion of the paint coating.

  • Scraping - we scrape any remaining loose paint that power washing didn’t take care of.

  • Wood repairs - we recommend replacing any dry rot or severely damaged wood (we break this cost out as a separate item on the bids).

  • Caulking is performed to fill all large gaps.

  • Masking - Protecting your property is very important. We cover the windows, brick, concrete, & anything that is not going to be painted.

  • Paint Application - We apply all coatings to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Best of the Best ~ We only use the best grades of materials from our manufacturers.


Exterior Options:

  • Deck staining

  • Wood replacement


Updating Your kitchen?

Kitchen Renovations are always ranked as one of the best investment options you can make for your home. It’s the room where we often congregate & spend time with our families – it’s the heart of the home! While we can build you a brand-new kitchen, many of our clients just want to update theirs. Replace the counters, paint the cabinets, update the lighting, add a custom tile backsplash – you have just resurfaced 90% of your kitchen. Whether you want a modern design with quartz counters & white cabinets or a farmhouse style with stained wood cabinets & granite counters… We can do it all!


Design Styles, Colors & Textures:

Modern or Tuscan? Retro or farmhouse? Let’s mix it up with some new combinations! We can help you make the right choices. With today’s technology finding the right design is a snap. We like to design around our counter selection, as it can be the centerpiece of the kitchen. Once that is selected, we work our way out to cabinet finish, backsplash material & flooring.


Paint, reface or replace? We have you covered! Need new door styles, hardware, we’ve got it! There are tons of options to update your kitchen cabinets!


We can install mosaic tile as your kitchen backsplash. It’s one of the best ways to customize your kitchen to match your individual taste!


Solid surface stone quartz or granite counters are by far the most requested finishes. In our opinion, your counters are the focal point & we should design the rest of your kitchen around your selection. Choose the one that’s going to give you just the right look & let us handle the rest!

GettyImages-532610871 (1).jpg


Design the right bathroom to fit your style!

At NTR Painting & Remodeling, we will provide you with Quality Craftsmanship and Five-Star Customer Service! We look at key components of the bathroom — showers, tubs, floors, cabinets, lighting, accessories, drywall & paint before we devise our scope of work. We also need to consider design style, desired project time & budget.


  • We have several choices for cabinets. We can re-finish your existing cabinets or replace them with pre-finished or new custom-built units.

  • Some pre-finished cabinets come complete with counters, sinks & faucets. We can do your counters in granite or quartz.

  • Under-mount, top mount, or vessel sinks? We can do faucets in any style!



  • For walk in showers, we can choose between a shower pan or a tile floor. We can do shower pans and tile, but tile floors look so great! And really add a lot of character to a bathroom!

  • The shower walls can be finished with your choice of tile. We also can install large shampoo niches & benches.

  • There are many different faucets to choose from. Ceiling mounted rain style or wall mounted handheld? Why not both?

  • There is also a wide selection of custom glass enclosures with different styles, textures & hardware to choose from!


Tub or No Tub:

  • The first question we always ask is whether you will use it or not. If you won’t use it, then why would you want one? Just for looks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either.

  • What about re-sale value? Are we doing this for re-sale or for you? In our opinion, more people than not do not use their tub in a master bathroom. If you live in a neighborhood that attracts young families & feel a tub is important, then the hall bath will be just fine. However, free standing tubs can add a unique look & sunken spa tubs are very popular too!


Design Styles, Colors & Textures:

We try to coordinate the colors & textures to bring it all together. What design style do you like? White Modern? Beautiful Greys? Inspiring Farmhouse? Or maybe Tuscan Mediterranean? These are just a few of the endless combinations we can choose from.

Additional items:

  • Mirrors, lights, exhaust fans, wall textures, paint colors & towel racks will complete your bathroom.



We are your one stop shop for all your Cabinet needs!

Great looking cabinets can give your kitchen or bathroom the look you’ve always wanted! Whether we are freshening them up with a clean coat or creating a new kitchen design using new custom cabinets, we specialize in all thing’s cabinets. We can create just about any look you desire!


Cabinet Options:

  • Freshen up: With a new clear coat, prime & paint, or even change stain color.

  • Modify: Reface with updated doors and drawers, pull out drawers, garbage can drawers, spice racks, farm sinks, island cabinets. The options are endless!

  • Brand new pre-finished or custom cabinets

  • New granite or quartz counters.


At NTR Painting and Remodeling we know that the success of all home improvement projects is based on the procedures and process used to complete them. We don’t leave things up to chance, from start to finish we provide transparent bids, precise scopes of work, and effective plans of action to complete your project correctly and on time!



If you own a home or run a business in Wichita Falls or surrounding areas and want your property to look its best at all times, turning to a qualified power washing team can get the job done. As time passes, dirt, grime, algae and other things can build up and harm the appearance of your siding, floors and roofs. When the problem first presents itself, using standard cleaning products and at-home tools can help, but the issue becomes progressively worse in the following months and years.


Benefits of Power Washing:

  • Appraisers take several things into account when they determine how much your property is worth, and the results that power washing offers will boost the value of your property to a whole new level.

  • By having your home regularly power washed, harmful mold, debris, and grime that would otherwise build up is removed. Grime takes its toll over time. As a result, you’ll find that you must replace or repair them more often than you normally would have to. The services we offer can greatly increase the longevity of your home’s fencing, siding or decking. And by regularly having them cleaned, you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs, replacements, or restorations.

  • Power washing your property even decreases the level of harmful bacteria on your surfaces, serving to protect your health.


  • Sealing

  • Staining & Varnishing

  • Cedar Privacy Fence Refinishing


 Ask us. We might just be able to do it.

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