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Choosing a quality paint

Painters and DIY people have a wide variety of brands and lines to choose from for their projects. I've been painting for over 30 years and paint has changed quite a bit especially when it comes to wash-ability in interior paints. I'll share with you what I look for in a quality interior latex paint.

First, the paint has to be 100% acrylic. Secondly, I look for a high percentage of titanium dioxide (TiO2) content. Most paints will not list the % of TiO2 on its label so research has to be done. To shorten your research I'll give you the brands and lines I prefer to use and a brief why.

For walls and ceilings I prefer Valspar Signature because of its durability and high TiO2 content. This paint covers well and, in eggshell, satin or semi-gloss, is very washable. When it comes to doors, trim and cabinets I prefer Kelly Moore Acry Plex or Durapoxy. Although these do not have as high a TiO2 content as Valspar Signature, Acry plex and Durapoxy paints lay out well showing little to no brush marks. Note that using a quality paint brush (my preference is the Purdy XL) will aid in the reduction of brush marks. Painting experience makes a difference as well. Knowing what prep work,, etc. needs to be done plus how to apply paint is very important. It's not as easy as open can, dip brush and slap it on.

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