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Welcome to NTR Painting

Here is a bathroom remodel we did. The bathroom had marble tub, counters and shower surround. The color had yellowed and the marble shower surround panels had warped over the 35 year period it had been since the house was built. Floor tile needed to be replaced. The shower had a ceiling height of 7' and was enclosed on four sides with a shower door and one light in the ceiling. Demolition of the shower took place removing everything while cutting two shower walls down to a 4' height and capped them, leaving a doorway for new shower door. We were able to extended the shower ceiling height to 10' and added built in shower caddies. We moved the shower faucet from the west shower wall to the south wall while also moving the shower head height upwards 25". After the rough in was complete we finished the walls out with cement board and floated a new shower pan. Tile all the way to the ceiling with a mosaic accent strip and floor. The shower was completed after adding two can lights and new frameless glass shower surround. I won't go into more detail. Take a peek at the before and after photos.


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